Mad Cow Case Confirmed

As you have probably heard

Tests Confirm 2nd Case of Mad Cow Disease in U.S.

The Agriculture Department said today that tests conducted on an animal that died in November, suspected of having mad cow disease, had turned out positive, confirming the second case of the disease to be found in the United States in the last two years.

As long as the FDA, USDA and beef industry continue to drag their feet on the implementation of new safety standards this will continue to happen.

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  1. The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns
    July 27th, 2005 17:02

    Breaking news on Drudge Report: Another Possible Mad Cow Case Discovered

    U.S. might have another case of mad cow disease on it’s hands. While I could remind my American friends how absolutely insane the US went when Canada found it’s first mad cow case before the US, I’ll pass on the…

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