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Something stinks
February 10, 2006

I haven’t trusted Patty Judge ever since she came to northwest Iowa and, instead of driving the planned route past factory farms, her caravan was suddenly “rerouted” by her “team” to avoid having to drive by them (try living by them, Patty). Reading that she accepted $20,000 from the DeCosters and $5,000 from Smithland PAC, she is on the top of my list for who not to support as a candidate for governor (“Widespread Donors Feed Governor Race,” Jan. 28). I’m thinking she must be confused, and think she’s a Republican.

Carol Dupic

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  1. Rumor has it that during her last campaign for Sec of Ag, she had a joint fundraiser with (R)Senator Stew Iverson and big hog industry types.

  2. Anyone taking money from DeCoster CAN’T be good for Iowa! Someone in the party needs to sit her down and explain a few things. Her connections to DeCoster need to be made public. It killed Doug Gross’s candidacy, it can kill hers.

    Oh, and someone should drive her through Wright County. It’s damned hard to avoid the CAFOs there!

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